Dealing with DHR – WTH is an ISP?!?!

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  1. Dealing with DHR – WTH is an ISP?!?!

    If you’ve ever dealt with DHR regarding #ChildCustody, you may have wondered, “WTH is an ISP?!?!”  The term “ISP” is an initialism short for Individualized Service Plan. What is an ISP? Who’s involved? Is it “binding” on parents? On DHR? Or, is it what one lawyer called a “sham proceeding” according to a dissenting opinion […]

  2. Dealing with DHR in Child Custody: Can DHR Talk to my Child at School…?

    Disclaimer: The information contained herein is general in nature and may not apply to your family’s specific situation. To be informed as possible, you will need to schedule a consultation with a Child Custody attorney.  This question comes up a lot and it is extremely dependent upon the exact circumstances of your particular situation. Here […]

  3. Dealing with DHR: a Child Custody Thought Experiment…

    Ever listen to a true crime podcast? watch a true crime documentary or police procedural on Netflix? I thought so. How many times have you seen interrogations by investigators and thought, “why on Earth is this person speaking with the police without a lawyer?” And yet, with nothing less than their children on the line, […]

  4. Dealing with DHR, Part 2 – Can DHR come in my home?

    disclaimer: This article discusses general information and should in no way be considered legal advice. This is surgery. Don’t act on anything here without speaking to a lawyer, and preferably a specialist in the field of Child Custody. With that out of the way. If they’re asking permission, then the answer is probably “no.” DHR, […]

  5. Dealing with DHR, Part 1 – DHR is Law Enforcement

    This the first post in a series we’re doing on Child Custody and Child Support cases involving DHR. We’ll update this post and others with links to the other parts of the series when they become available. This post is meant to provide general information, not legal advice. We cannot provide legal advice without learning […]

  6. When Can I Appeal my DHR Child Custody Case…?

    One of the many reasons parents and caring relatives get confused in DHR cases is because they don’t know when Juvenile Court judgments are “final” for the purposes of “post-judgment relief” in the Juvenile Court and or appeal. Folks, you are not alone. The Juvenile Courts and even the Court of Civil Appeals is right […]

  7. Disney, DHR & Doubtfire: Our Favorite (fun!) Child Custody Movies…

    There are two kinds of movies about Child Custody: fun ones and sad ones. Yes, there is Venn Diagram overlap, but Meryl Streep wins Oscars for one kind and the others play on repeat on TBS on holidays. It’s a #FoxtrotFriday, so we’re leaving Kramer vs. Kramer, in all its excellence, off this list and […]

  8. Paternal Relatives’ Objections to Termination of Dad’s Child Custody Rights Overruled, for now…

    Really, really sad fact pattern / story including violence against family members and children considered by the Court of Civil Appeals and discussed here so proceed with caution or avoid if the legal discussion and information isn’t worth reading about some really sad stuff. A maternal grandfather with Sole Physical Custody subject to the visitation […]

  9. Bullying in Child Custody…

    We hear words like control and manipulation and harassment, but we at Foxtrot see it for what it is…Bullying. And we’re not just talking about your lunch money here, we’re talking about the Other Side hitting where it hurts the most…your kids. Bullying in Child Custody can take many forms, and standing up to it […]

  10. 5 Easy Fixes – or 5 Red Flags – in your Child Custody Case

    Around the office we call this “low-hanging fruit.” This article is not about big things like getting a lawyer or treating an addiction or working through personal problems with personal reflection, prayer, meditation or professional counseling. Those things are hugely important, obviously… This article is about little, almost silly it’s so simple things that people […]