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Divorce is an intricate process that can become much more complex when there are children involved. If you and your spouse have decided to go your separate ways but share children together, creating a custody arrangement can be hard to do when you’re grappling with the feelings that accompany divorce and custody processes.

It’s important to remember that whatever you and your co-parent are feeling at this time is likely amplified for your children, so it’s crucial to navigate the steps of custody as delicately as possible.

Call Foxtrot Family Law today to request a consultation with one of our Arab custody lawyers and discover your next steps and options. We’ll help you create a custody arrangement that’s in the best interests of your children.

Arab Custody Lawyers

How Custody Works In Alabama

In Alabama, if you and your co-parent cannot come to an agreement on the terms of your custody arrangement, a judge will be the one to make the final call. This isn’t ideal as no one knows your children better than you do, which is why our Arab custody lawyers prefer to help you negotiate the terms of custody.

However, we understand this isn’t possible for couples with extenuating circumstances, like one parent having a history of domestic violence, substance abuse, or something else. If this isn’t the case, and you and your co-parent are on two very different wave-lengths, a judge will evaluate a number of factors to determine what kind of arrangement will best suit your children’s needs. These factors include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Your children’s relationship with you and their other parent, and siblings
  • Work schedules
  • Physical and mental health of both you and your co-parent
  • Plans for daycare/childcare
  • And more

What Are The Different Types Of Custody? 

There are two types of custody in Alabama: legal and physical. Legal custody refers to which parent will have the decision-making responsibility when it comes to important matters in the child(ren)’s lives, including education, religion, healthcare, and more. Physical custody refers to which parent the child or children will physically reside with the majority of the time. Both types of custody can be shared jointly, or one parent can have sole custody of either kind. It’s important to note that even if physical custody is shared jointly, it doesn’t mean that the children will actually divide their time exactly 50/50.

How An Arab Custody Lawyer Can Help

If you want to be the one to make decisions regarding your children’s future, your best chance at making that happen is with the help of one of our Arab custody lawyers. We have 35+ years of family law experience so we know what a difference it can make in your children’s overall well-being to have custody matters handled by a professional, civilly, and outside of the courtroom.

Don’t let a judge tell you what your children need. We can help you work collaboratively with your co-parent to create an arrangement that provides your children with the best possible future. We’ll also do what we can to lessen the impact that divorce and custody-related matters can have on your kids as much as possible.

Why Work With Foxtrot Family Law

Don’t navigate the treacherous waters of custody on your own, we’ll help steer you towards a better, brighter tomorrow. Call Foxtrot Family Law today to request a consultation. Trust our Arab custody lawyers to explain your responsibilities, protect your parental rights, and advocate for your interests.

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