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When you and your spouse decide to get a divorce, emotions run high and the legal complexities can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you share children together. It’s hard to think about dividing up assets, properties, and debts during such an emotional time, but agreeing on a custody arrangement is the most sensitive issue you’ll face after a divorce, which is why you shouldn’t do it alone. Having experience on your side can give you an optimum advantage in finding the ideal resolution for your family. Call Foxtrot Family Law today to request a consultation with one of our Huntsville child custody lawyers and learn about your next steps.  

How Custody Works In Alabama

In Alabama, if parents cannot come to an agreement on a custody arrangement, a judge will ultimately be the one to award custody based on what’s in the best interest of the child. Some of the factors that the judge will look at include:

  • An agreement/lack of agreement between the parents
  • The child’s needs
  • The child’s relationship with both parents and any siblings
  • Mental and physical health of both parents
  • Work schedules 
  • Childcare plans
  • History of domestic violence or drug abuse
  • And more.

Different Types Of Custody

There are two types of custody in Alabama; legal custody and physical custody. 

Legal custody is the authority and responsibility given to a parent to make important decisions on behalf of their child when it comes to their well-being, education, religion, healthcare, and more. It can be awarded solely to one parent, or both parents can have joint legal custody. Physical custody refers to where a child primarily spends their time. Like legal custody, it can be granted solely to one parent or shared jointly. However, joint physical custody doesn’t mean a child’s time with both parents will be split 50/50.

Why You Should Work With Huntsville Child Custody Lawyers 

When it comes to your child, it’s likely that you’d like to be able to make the big decisions about their future rather than a judge who doesn’t know them or their needs. While this might be completely feasible without the help of a judge if you and your former spouse can work collaboratively, we understand that might not always be an option. If that’s the case, we can use our experience and knowledge to advocate for your parental rights and help you create a custody arrangement that keeps your child’s best interest in mind. 

It’s important to remember that your divorce isn’t difficult for you and your spouse alone; in fact, it’s likely much more difficult for your child as it’s a significant transition in their life. That’s why it’s best to navigate the process with the help of a seasoned professional. The Huntsville child custody lawyers at Foxtrot Family Law will take the time to get to know you and understand your wishes for your family. We’ll use that information to offer you tailored legal guidance and the creation of an arrangement that provides you with peace of mind knowing your child will be cared for properly. 

Why Work With Foxtrot Family Law

At Foxtrot Family Law, we’re passionate about helping families through some of life’s most challenging moments. We put our client’s needs at the forefront of all that we do. Our lawyers have 35+ years of combined experience with Alabama’s family laws. Allow us to apply our extensive experience with North Alabama’s family courts to your case so you can protect the ones who matter most to you. Call today to request a consultation and learn about your legal options. 

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