Happy Monday – What can you do about Child Custody this Week…?

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Happy Monday – What can you do about Child Custody this Week…?

We love our work here at Foxtrot! For us, Monday is about getting back in the lab and realizing our team’s potential to help parents and relatives stand up for themselves in #ChildCustody cases. Weekends are an important opportunity to rest, recharge and reinvest in our mission to serve our clients, their children and their […]

Child Custody Terminology and Frameworks – The 3 Levels of Attention to Pay to Issues in your Case

The word “concern” is often misused, and most of the time willfully so, in #ChildCustody cases. When DHR, the Other Side or any other witness starts tossing around what they’re “concerned” about that should be a red flag that the witness doesn’t actually know anything. Terminology is important, and we need to start using “concern” […]

Child Custody Devotional – You will Know it by Your Fruit…

The Maker is never removed from the Made. Put another way, “you will know them by their fruits.” (Matthew 7:16). As our clients know, and as best as we fallibly can, we practice non-judgment at Foxtrot. The concept of fault is much less relevant than the concept of an objective present reality. But, as Jerry […]

In Child Custody, It’s Okay to be Alone on Christmas Day…

It’s okay to be without your children on December 25th. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or a bad parent. Your kids know you love them; they know you miss them. They’re thinking of you just like you’re thinking of them. For whatever it might be worth, doing what we do all day every […]

(video) In Child Custody, Get it in Writing, Part 1…

Oldie but a goodie and still give this #ChildCustody advice everyday. Oh what I would tell this Child knowing what I know now. But first, I’d get him some new headphones, yikes! #CoParenting #ThinkLikeALawyer

In Child Custody, don’t seek Happy. Seek Progress.

In his book, Zappos.com® founder, Tony Hsieh, wrote that ““[u]ltimately happiness is really just about enjoying life.” Ultimately, though, Mr. Hsieh ended up endlessly seeking happiness or the next thrill and surrounding himself with yes people who took advantage of his largesse. Happiness, if it is anywhere at all, is right where you are. Happiness, […]

Motivation for a Child Custody Saturday…

We are so damn lucky to have jobs we love helping people we care about stand up for themselves and their families, so it’s not super tough to get motivated to work on Saturday, but seeing this first thing in our email in this morning doesn’t hurt. ???? #ChildCustody #avvo #dhr

Friday the 13th…

Everyone slow down a little and take your time today. Let’s all survive Friday the 13th in 2020.

Thank you, Veterans!

The freedoms we fight to protect with pens and pencils in suits and ties are the freedoms you earned for us in a uniform. Thanks, Veterans! ????????????????????????????

Child Custody Devotional – PERMA-nent Custody?

Happiness isn’t just about feeling better, but that’s part of it. More positive emotions obviously correlate with well-being, but the problem is it’s tough to control our emotions and #CoParenting and #ChildCustody is chaotic enough without judging each feeling or reaction we have to something. ~ That’s where a model like the PERMA model, pioneered […]