Writing Sample – The “Now or Never” Value of Early Education

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Writing Sample – The “Now or Never” Value of Early Education

In a recent case, I was faced with advocating either for allowing a family to delay a child’s entrance into pre-school by one year or advocating for the immediate enrollment. The question I faced was how important one year of early education really is. Luckily, there was a good deal of scholarship on the topic and […]

Drug Testing in Child Custody Cases

Is drug use or abuse an issue in your Child Custody case? This video contains discusses some options for drug testing during and after your Child Custody case. Hope it helps. Watch on Youtube: Drug Testing in Child Custody Cases:

Opinions in Child Custody Cases, Part 1 – “Grandma’s Two Cents”

Listen, a HUUUGE part of being effective in your Child Custody case is knowing the difference between facts and opinions. I explain how focusing on the facts, posted on Foxtrot’s Youtube page, can empower you, individually, and allow you more control over your case. Here, though, I want to talk about the kinds of opinions […]

Focus on the Facts in Your Child Custody Case

Where are you spending your energy during your child custody case? This video contains some quick directions on where to focus your day-to-day energy and attention during a child custody proceeding. Hope it helps. Watch on Youtube: Focus on the Facts in Your Child Custody Case Do not concern yourself with someone “feels” about a situation. […]

Why Your Child Custody Lawyer Needs Technology….

Anyone with a Facebook, Twitter, or “Insta” account knows the ability of technology to connect us. The ability to connect with your lawyer and effectively communicate is crucial to your case, your children, and to your peace of mind. In a world of innovation, lawyers continue to do way too many things exactly the same […]

Be Effective…and then be a Parent.

Last time we wrote we talked about how to “show love” in Child Custody cases. We did that because it’s easier to show a judge what you’re doing for your child than it is to show how feel about your child. In this short post, we write about what’s next, and honestly, that’s completely up to you because we […]

Show Some Love In Your Child Custody Case

You love your child. Of course you do, we know that. We also know that you want to get on the stand and tell the judge how much you love your child. The judge knows. The judge believes you. What’s more important is not that you make grand statements or proclamations of your affection for […]

Toxic Stress for Children in Child Custody, Part 2

In part 1, we discussed research the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University (“HCDC”) had conducted on toxic stress in children. In part 2, we will now be discussing stress in child custody situations and how to better handle those stressors. Caregivers and the Courts in child custody cases sometimes err in focusing […]

Toxic Stress for Children in Child Custody, Part 1

Stress is something we all experience. We deal with stress at work, with our children, with our relationships, and we do our best to deal with it. We don’t, however, know as much about it as we should. Stress can significantly affect the health of you and your child in both positive and negative ways. Here, we take […]