(video) Priorities in your Child Custody case…

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(video) Priorities in your Child Custody case…

Random Rules! — Authentication of Documents (School Records, Drug Tests) in your Child Custody Case

You can’t just want into Court with a stack of documents and expect the Court to believe that they are what we say they are. If you didn’t produce a document or receive it in a certain way, you can’t “authenticate” it. And your Child Custody lawyer should be able to help properly obtain and […]

Child Custody is about Deciding Who You Are…Not What You Do

There’s a big difference between saying “I quit smoking” and “I’m not a smoker.” Especially in DHR cases, you can’t be effective in your Child Custody case by checking boxes. It’s about deciding who you are and the decisions and actions that flow out of that. ~ Are you the kind of person who is […]

The Benefit of Small Victories in Child Custody…

When you want your kids with you so badly in a #ChildCustody case, it’s easy to focus so much thought and energy on the “BIG WIN” that you take for granted the million little ways to make your situation just a little bit better for you and the kids. Here’s 3 things to appreciate about […]

What rights do what rights do I have as a stepparent?

The mother lost all custody and rights to decision-making and that it all went to the father. Me and the father have had the kids for 3 years now…?   —>>> Click here for our Response on Avvo.com

(video) Separation of Powers with DHR in Child Custody

The Three Branches of Child Custody Government…

Here’s a free #ChildCustody civics lesson with citations to Alabama Law (know your sources). We call it “Separation of Powers” or “Checks and Balances.” You might find it helpful when dealing with DHR (executive branch) or the Family Courts (judicial branch), more generally: Ala.Const. Art. III, § 42 (a) The powers of the government of […]

A Co-Parent needs a Court Order to Suspend Visitation

A #CoParent cannot legally suspend Court-Ordered visitation without, you guessed it, a Court Order. An informally agreed upon, temporary deviation is one thing; a unilateral power/control grab by one side or the Other is completely different. #childcustody

Dealing with DHR on Child Custody issues? Declare Independence for you and your Family.

Random Rules! — Expert Witnesses in your Child Custody case (Rule 703, Ala R Evid)