Your Child Custody Experience – Your Circle of Influence – w Exercise

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Your Child Custody Experience – Your Circle of Influence – w Exercise

Who influences your life? How so? To what extent? Is this someone you’re stuck with, for better or worse, e.g., your child, hopefully? Is this someone you can minimize, whether presence-wise or influence-wise, in your life, like a manipulative Co-Parent, perhaps? When the talking heads on ESPN joke about an athlete living in an opponent’s […]

Two Foxtrot Child Custody Lawyers Rated by Super Lawyers®

It’s Super Lawyers® season and our team @ Foxtrot wants to thank the colleagues and clients who have rated our #ChildCustody lawyers Joshua Holcomb (pictured below, 2021) and Stephen Williams (2019-21) among the 2.5% of practicing attorneys who are selected to #SuperLawyers #RisingStars. Learn more about how Josh helps parents and relatives stand up for […]

In Child Custody, Get Mad…then get Curious.

We’re not going to tell you not to get mad in your #ChildCustody case. It’s gonna happen; that’s okay and totally normal. Getting mad, though, is step one. Step two is to get curious… ~ So, ask yourself some questions. “If I’m hurt, what is it…in me…that is hurting?” “How am I complicit in this […]

Take a Step Back in Child Custody and Co-Parenting… (video)

We’ve all heard about “taking one step forward and two steps back.” It sure can feel like that in #ChildCustody and #CoParenting. You’ve probably heard this before, too, but taking a step back to be mindful of your emotions and your internal reactions BEFORE reacting to the Other Side or to the situation can be […]

In Child Custody, it’s about Energy Management, not Time Management

How long does it take to share a laugh? A hug that doesn’t feel obligatory to one or both huggers? (sad but happens more than you think). Our memories, and more importantly, our children’s memories, capture MOMENTS rather than hours or days or weekends. BUT, and this is the hard part for us and our […]

Everyone else’s Dreamworld in Child Custody and Co-Parenting…

Live in a #coparenting dreamworld of bubblegum and patient, understanding, respectful, flexible folks on the Other Side of your #ChildCustody case? Neither do we. When the two-cent mafia tells you “you guys just need to communicate and work that out” avoid the urge to use a phrase that ends in “Sherlock” and just call a […]

What’s your Child Custody Vision…? Your Child Custody Mission…?

Vision involves logistics, planning and tactics. That’s important, but it’s the easy part. Mission is based on your values. Really understanding your values is hard. Aligning your vision with your mission is hard. It’s worth it to you and your family. ~ The information provided here is general in nature and not to be considered […]

The Courage to Measure your Discomfort in Child Custody…

In Child Custody law, these scales shouldn’t mean what you might think at first blush. In Foxtrot’s universe, they measure discomfort. When the immediate discomfort of staying the same, (or even unwittingly allowing things to get worse), outweighs the discomfort of making a change…that’s when we take action. How comfortable are you with your Child […]

Beware the Narrative Fallacy in Child Custody and CoParenting

What’s the narrative fallacy? Abhishek Chakraborty, writer of ‘Sunday Wisdom’ on the website, Medium, puts it this way, “Life is full of random facts. You forcibly knit them together to give it meaning.” How does this relate to #ChildCustody and #CoParenting…? ~ ~ If you would like to speak more about how you, as a […]

Child Custody Devotional – Vengeance? Or Patience…

…at that time I will deal with all your oppressors. Zephaniah 3:19 ~ Receiving this passage can lead us in a couple of different directions. It can engender anger, vengeance or wrath. I prefer, though, to receive it as a call for patience, humility and agency. ~ I take it as patience, that the time […]