Dealing with DHR: a Child Custody Thought Experiment…

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Dealing with DHR: a Child Custody Thought Experiment…

Ever listen to a true crime podcast? watch a true crime documentary or police procedural on Netflix? I thought so. How many times have you seen interrogations by investigators and thought, “why on Earth is this person speaking with the police without a lawyer?” And yet, with nothing less than their children on the line, […]

10 Commandments of Co-Parenting in Child Custody – 1. Thou Shalt Not Use Your Child as a Spy

This topic is so important it was one of our first Youtube videos. I’m surprised I was this chill about the subject at the time because if I made this video today I would be unlikely to suppress my rage at too many Parents, Co-Parents, and Relative Caregivers whose seemingly favorite thing to talk about, with […]

10 Commandments of Co-Parenting in Child Custody – 2. Don’t Record Conversations with Your Co-Parent

My years of legal study, my review and continuing legal education of the Rules of Evidence, but most of all, my experience as a Child Custody specialist have, over the years, developed and honed my response to a client anytime he or she tells me that they recorded a conversation or interaction with their Co-Parent… […]

Why (and when) compromise and flexibility are overrated in Child Custody and Co‑Parenting…

*          *          * Decide – to come to a resolution; from the latin de-, meaning “off”, and caedere, meaning “to cut.” *          *          * Compromise and flexibility are great assets for a co-parent in dealing with a co‑parent or relative caregiver…or are they?  Believe it or not, in certain stages of a co-parenting relationship, compromise […]

Opinions in Child Custody Cases, Part 1 – “Grandma’s Two Cents”

Listen, a HUUUGE part of being effective in your Child Custody case is knowing the difference between facts and opinions. I explain how focusing on the facts, posted on Foxtrot’s Youtube page, can empower you, individually, and allow you more control over your case. Here, though, I want to talk about the kinds of opinions […]