Do YOU in your Child Custody case…

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Do YOU in your Child Custody case…

Are you the weird kid? Good. Me, too. The saddest question I get so very often is what people need to DO to be effective in their Child Custody case. It’s as if these always or newly or imminently single and working and holding it together with duct tape parents think they’re lacking or flawed […]

WAAY 31 Law Call Recap, Part 1

I am grateful that my good friend, Tommy Siniard, and his team at Siniard Timberlake & League trusted our expertise enough to have me as a guest on a recent episode of the Law Call on WAAY TV 31 here in the Tennessee Valley. This post is a chance to recap the issues and questions […]

Foxtrot FAQ: What is an Emergency? And how does Foxtrot handle it?

From Foxtrot’s perspective, an Emergency is something that is an immediate threat to your life, liberty or property. In most cases, if you have an emergency, before calling your attorney you should call 911. (Side note: my answer to so many “what if this happens…” questions is “call 911; this Court order or pending case […]

Foxtrot FAQ: Do you bill by the hour or charge a flat fee?

We’re glad you asked! We touch on our Flat Fee Representation in our post about your Initial Consultation at Foxtrot. Foxtrot charges a Flat Fee, also known as a Fixed Fee or Fixed Rate, on the vast majority of our cases. We say 90% but it’s probably higher than that. First things first, Flat Fees […]

Foxtrot FAQ: Can you meet with me on a Saturday?

Yes!!! We understand how busy Committed Parents and Caring Relatives can get during the week. We routinely schedule Initial Consultations for new clients and meetings with or calls to existing clients on Saturdays when we’re not appearing in Court or attending to other pressing projects. Email Stephen to request a meeting on an upcoming Saturday […]

Foxtrot FAQ: How much for a Child Custody consultation?

Thank you for your willingness to take action as a committed parent or caring relative working for your child’s best interest. Before scheduling your consultation, here’s how we structure our intake process and representation at Foxtrot Family Law. * Initial Consultation: Through our super easy and automated scheduling system at, you can set up an initial, 1-hour consultation (cost: $100.00, […]

1 Frequent Answer to 1000s of Frequently Asked Child Custody Questions…

“My life has been filled with terrible misfortune, most of which never happened.” – Michel de Montagne Or, if you go to church in the South: “F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real” I provide specific answers to other specific and frequently asked questions in other articles. This article is really more about the class or category, or flavor, if […]