What to Expect in your Child Custody and Co-Parenting case…

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What to Expect in your Child Custody and Co-Parenting case…

If you hire Foxtrot, will you “win”? We can’t be sure, sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUT, if we have the opportunity to work with you and your family,  we can help you make educated, informed decisions regarding your options each step of the way, whether that’s a decision to file a case, a decision to reach an […]

(video) Learn (and Beware) the pitfalls of the flat fee, “uncontested” divorce with Sree Ravi, Esq. – Talkin’ Laws and Drinkin’ Claws – Alabama Family Law

What can go wrong with a flat fee, “uncontested” divorce? A lot more than you might think. As Josh Holcomb in our Guntersville office puts it, you don’t want to buy a couch that no one will sit on. ~ This #FoxtrotFriday starts #MemorialDay2022 weekend, and it feels like #seltzerseason has truly arrived. Join Sree […]

In Child Custody…Do Lawyer Stuff

This is the other “stuff” quote I really like. Child Custody gets a lot simpler, frankly, when you treat it like any other case. Obviously, it’s more complicated than some contract dispute in small claims, but at the end of the day, when you’re working with your lawyer, he or she is not a counselor, […]

Two Foxtrot Child Custody Lawyers Rated by Super Lawyers®

It’s Super Lawyers® season and our team @ Foxtrot wants to thank the colleagues and clients who have rated our #ChildCustody lawyers Joshua Holcomb (pictured below, 2021) and Stephen Williams (2019-21) among the 2.5% of practicing attorneys who are selected to #SuperLawyers #RisingStars. Learn more about how Josh helps parents and relatives stand up for […]

Foxtrot garners 3rd Child Custody Appellate Win in 2021…

Not all #ChildCustody lawyers do appeals. They are challenging, time consuming and a toss up on a good day. Just last Friday, though, and for a client who wanted to keep fighting and leave it all on the field in their case, we got our third win on appeal in 2021 by reversing a trial […]

video – Answers on Avvo – DHR – Foster Parent Adoption – Support – Relocation???

Answers on Avvo – Does DHR want the Foster Parents to adopt your baby? – Gonna have to pay Child Support for a Child you never knew about? – Can one parent relocate out of state if there’s no Child Custody Order? ~ Child Custody in Alabama Answers on Avvo: https://bit.ly/378J0R9 main website: https://www.avvo.com/ ~ […]

Everyone else’s Dreamworld in Child Custody and Co-Parenting…

Live in a #coparenting dreamworld of bubblegum and patient, understanding, respectful, flexible folks on the Other Side of your #ChildCustody case? Neither do we. When the two-cent mafia tells you “you guys just need to communicate and work that out” avoid the urge to use a phrase that ends in “Sherlock” and just call a […]

UPDATE on Refundable $30 Deposit to Book Child Custody Consultation…

Do you guys still do complimentary consultations? Yes. Then why do I have to put up $30? To help protect your time slot from folks that previously would have taken it then not show up. So when do I get my money back? When you show up and learn what you can do to stand […]

The Courage to Measure your Discomfort in Child Custody…

In Child Custody law, these scales shouldn’t mean what you might think at first blush. In Foxtrot’s universe, they measure discomfort. When the immediate discomfort of staying the same, (or even unwittingly allowing things to get worse), outweighs the discomfort of making a change…that’s when we take action. How comfortable are you with your Child […]

(video) Random Rules! — Attorney-Client Privilege in your Child Custody case (Rule 502, Ala R Evid)

Attorney-Client Privilege is sacred in this Country and especially in your #ChildCustody case, but it’s not as simple as you might think and your Child Custody lawyer needs to be on the lookout for ways the Other Side might try to invade confidential communications with your lawyer in discovery, depositions or even at trial. ~ […]