(event) “Ask me Anything” Panel w Not One More Alabama™

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(event) “Ask me Anything” Panel w Not One More Alabama™

Tuesday, June 7, 6:00 p.m., C.D.T. — We’ll update the facebook link with Zoom or proper online information when it becomes available. ~ If you or a loved one are in recovery, struggle with addiction or could benefit from actionable information about how your condition or past might affect your family, finances or even your […]

Jessi Klein’s challenging and funny book on Midlife and Motherhood…

We’re excited to read Jessi Klein’s new book, as of this writing #1 in Essays on Amazon, what you see on social media doesn’t always capture the internal civil war every mother is fighting with herself. Ms Klein talks about Motherhood as a “Hero’s Journey,” not an outward one, but inward. It’s hard enough in the […]

(video) Ravi on Retirement – Talkin’ Laws & Drinkin’ Claws – Division of Retirement Assets in Divorce – QDRO

Retirement division in divorce? #seltzerseason continues with #RAVIonRETIREMENT as SREE RAVI, Esq., lets us know what he tells his clients in their first meeting regarding division or allocation of retirement assets. Also, what do your financial institutions need from the court to divide retirement without incurring taxes or penalties, i.e., WTF is a QDRO? ~ […]

Child Custody and Co-Parenting in the Service Industry…

Are you a Co-Parent in the service industry? Sometimes work hours in the evening or even in the wee hours at a bar, Waffle House or entertainment venue can create space during the day to enjoy time with your children or even babysit the kid(s) while they stay with the Other Side, but it can […]

Child Custody and Co-Parenting Legal Guides on Avvo.com

Want to review tons of free, #childcustody and #coparenting information provided by Foxtrot and others? Check out our legal guides on Avvo (info only, NOT legal advice)… CLICK HERE TO REDIRECT TO STEPHEN’S LEGAL GUIDES ON AVVO.COM

Book a Win (no matter how small) in Child Custody…

Book a win, no matter how small. Make your bed. Clean off the dining room table. Actually spend 20 seconds washing your hands like the Mayo clinic says. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. #ChildCustody and high conflict #CoParenting is a marathon, not a sprint, or hundreds of tiny battles rather than one big […]

Child Custody Devotional – What do you create by giving something up…?

Whatever our beliefs or principles, the liturgical calendar provides myriad opportunities to reflect and consider what we do and who we are in the broader sense, to take a step back from constantly being in survival mode and reacting to the latest event, circumstance or inclination. More practically, though, and especially during Lent, it gives […]

Your Child Custody Priority Rankings…?

If you have too many priorities you don’t have any. We’ve all heard that, no? Have we ever sat down and thought about or, better yet, written down and ranked our priorities? Heck, sometimes as Parents, especially in the throes of #childcustody and #coparenting, it doesn’t feel like we’ve ever sat down, much done deeper […]

(video) – Identity of Reporter in DHR Child Custody Cases…?

If you or someone you know is or has been involved in a Child Custody case or investigation with DHR please watch or listen until the end. This is a great question from Avvo.com regarding the identity of a confidential reporter to DHR. The law protects well-meaning individuals from harm or liability but it also […]

video – Answers on Avvo – DHR – Foster Parent Adoption – Support – Relocation???

Answers on Avvo – Does DHR want the Foster Parents to adopt your baby? – Gonna have to pay Child Support for a Child you never knew about? – Can one parent relocate out of state if there’s no Child Custody Order? ~ Child Custody in Alabama Answers on Avvo: https://bit.ly/378J0R9 main website: https://www.avvo.com/ ~ […]