video – Know this Term when Dealing with DHR or CPS in Child Custody!

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video – Know this Term when Dealing with DHR or CPS in Child Custody!

We lawyers are bad on terminology, but DHR may be even worse. You hear terms like Safety Plan and ISP and we’re gonna go over those if we haven’t already. But today, let’s look at “protective capacity” and what that means in the context of dealing with DHR or in any #ChildCustody case. ~ Whether […]

Foxtrot Fanmail on Representing Drug Addicts in Child Custody Cases…

We get fanmail like this from time to time. We’re grateful for any opportunity to reflect on our values at Foxtrot Family Law and how the decisions we make and actions we take reflect those values, even and especially when others don’t share them. We stand behind our clients and if it comes down to […]

It’s okay to be embarrassed, but NOT to be ashamed…

(2 ½ min read) Ever made a mistake as a parent? as a person? A big one even? What did you learn from it? What are you doing differently now that you’ve had that experience? Would you go back in time and undo that mistake? What opportunities do you have for yourself and others because […]

Appellate Court in Child Custody Case Upholds Right to Refuse DHR Drug Tests…

In a ruling just released on 10-18-2019, the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals overturned a trial court’s Termination of Parental Rights of a father who “routinely refused to [drug] test,” according to DHR. The Court stated that “the failure to test does not constitute affirmative proof that [someone] is using drugs.” Id est, and make […]

Drug Testing in Child Custody Cases

Is drug use or abuse an issue in your Child Custody case? This video contains discusses some options for drug testing during and after your Child Custody case. Hope it helps. Watch on Youtube: Drug Testing in Child Custody Cases: