Can I Get an “Amen” Agreement in Child Custody?

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Can I Get an “Amen” Agreement in Child Custody?

Do you know what the word “amen” actually means? Merriam-Webster calls it “solemn ratification” and “hearty approval,” and it translates literally to “I agree.” Is that how you feel about your Child Custody, Visitation and Child Support order?  If not, you may have reached a settlement, but we wouldn’t call it an Agreement. It’s that […]

Enjoy Game Day in Child Custody…

Coach Foxtrot here. You guys ever get a pop quiz in school? Were you excited about it? How about a test you knew was coming up and fretted and fretted about it? Now imagine someone walking up to Bo Nix or Tua Tagovailoa on the street near a park and challenging them to quick flag […]

Bullying in Child Custody…

We hear words like control and manipulation and harassment, but we at Foxtrot see it for what it is…Bullying. And we’re not just talking about your lunch money here, we’re talking about the Other Side hitting where it hurts the most…your kids. Bullying in Child Custody can take many forms, and standing up to it […]

Three of the Most Frequently Asked Questions in Child Custody…

I am confident, in fact I’m sure, that I am not the first one to write such a list. In fact I’ll include links at the bottom to other such lists.  When can my child have to be to choose which parent he or she wants to live with?  – – Short Answer: Never.  – […]

Dog Custody is a thing – and we’d love to help…

disclaimer: We’re not here to judge. This is not that kind of internet. If you’re not a dog person and it offends you that our team at Foxtrot would use our time, talents and energy to address issues of Dog Custody, we sincerely apologize and hope you believe that that wasn’t our intent. We’re not […]

Common Misconceptions in Child Custody – “Primary” Physical Custody…

A big part of our mission at Foxtrot Family Law is to educate our community about the resources available to committed parents and caring relatives as well as correct common misconceptions about Child Custody and Co-Parenting. Some of our favorite misconceptions are as follows: – co-parents should work out informal agreements re: visitation rather than […]

Foxtrot FAQ: What is an Emergency? And how does Foxtrot handle it?

From Foxtrot’s perspective, an Emergency is something that is an immediate threat to your life, liberty or property. In most cases, if you have an emergency, before calling your attorney you should call 911. (Side note: my answer to so many “what if this happens…” questions is “call 911; this Court order or pending case […]

Why (and when) compromise and flexibility are overrated in Child Custody and Co‑Parenting…

*          *          * Decide – to come to a resolution; from the latin de-, meaning “off”, and caedere, meaning “to cut.” *          *          * Compromise and flexibility are great assets for a co-parent in dealing with a co‑parent or relative caregiver…or are they?  Believe it or not, in certain stages of a co-parenting relationship, compromise […]

Drug Testing in Child Custody Cases

Is drug use or abuse an issue in your Child Custody case? This video contains discusses some options for drug testing during and after your Child Custody case. Hope it helps. Watch on Youtube: Drug Testing in Child Custody Cases: