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Procedural Appeal in your Child Custody Case…

Good news for our team, our appellate practice group and our client on a #FoxtrotFriday! #ChildCustody appeals are EXTREMELY challenging because the trial court is vested with a great deal of discretion when weighing and determining the facts of yoru case. Typically, successful appeals in #familylaw cases turn on ‘procedural’ issues and that’s what […]

Holiday-Themed Family Law Drama from Alabama Court of Civil Appeals…

Scalding tea, and some informative, Christmas-themed case law from the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals on a #FoxtrotFriday. No chance the Holiday timing is an accident! #familylaw #appellatelaw… You can read the entire opinion from the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals at the link below…

Foxtrot garners 3rd Child Custody Appellate Win in 2021…

Not all #ChildCustody lawyers do appeals. They are challenging, time consuming and a toss up on a good day. Just last Friday, though, and for a client who wanted to keep fighting and leave it all on the field in their case, we got our third win on appeal in 2021 by reversing a trial […]

video – Know this Term when Dealing with DHR or CPS in Child Custody!

We lawyers are bad on terminology, but DHR may be even worse. You hear terms like Safety Plan and ISP and we’re gonna go over those if we haven’t already. But today, let’s look at “protective capacity” and what that means in the context of dealing with DHR or in any #ChildCustody case. ~ Whether […]

(video) Separation of Powers with DHR in Child Custody

Random Rules! — Expert Witnesses in your Child Custody case (Rule 703, Ala R Evid)

Attorney-Client Privilege in Child Custody…

What is the Attorney-Client Privilege in #ChildCustody cases and where does it come from? ~ We’ve all heard that honesty is the best policy. You have to be honest with your doctor and counselors to get the treatment you need. You also have to be honest with your #ChildCustody lawyers to get the advice and […]

Can Your Child Custody Order Predict (and Control) the Future?

The short answer is no, but this is Child Custody law, and it’s never that simple. The truth is that there are certain future events that Courts cannot account for in their orders and certain events they can. And there’s also certain things Courts can do about future events and certain things they can’t. What’s […]

Grandparent Visitation Upheld – High Standard Reaffirmed…

Grandparent visitation has been upheld by Alabama’s Court of Civil Appeals in a recent opinion from 04-10-2020. As a concept and claim of action, Grandparent Visitation is under constant threat of constitutional challenge. But, thanks in large part to the several elements a Grandparent must meet to prove their claim and the burden of proof […]