What’s the difference between Child Custody Jurisdiction and Child Custody Venue…?

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What’s the difference between Child Custody Jurisdiction and Child Custody Venue…?

Clearly understanding the difference between “venue” and “jurisdiction” in Child Custody cases can be so tricky that even we lawyers can get confused if we’re not careful. Think of it this way, Bryant-Denny or Jordan-Hare stadium, or even any regulation football field anywhere, can host a proper contest to see who the better american football […]

Legislature Ups the Ante for Parents, Relatives and Foster Parents in Child Custody cases…

Termination of Parental Rights in Child Custody cases is known as the “civil death penalty,” and as if the stakes weren’t already high enough, the Alabama State Legislature has amended the Alabama Code to up the ante for the parents, relatives and foster parents involved. It’s now more important than ever for all parties and […]

Dealing with DHR – WTH is an ISP?!?!

If you’ve ever dealt with DHR regarding #ChildCustody, you may have wondered, “WTH is an ISP?!?!”  The term “ISP” is an initialism short for Individualized Service Plan. What is an ISP? Who’s involved? Is it “binding” on parents? On DHR? Or, is it what one lawyer called a “sham proceeding” according to a dissenting opinion […]

Get Mad in Child Custody…but Don’t Stay Mad…

Anger is inevitable, especially in #ChildCustody and #CoParenting.  Relevant research shows that completely avoiding negative emotions in life is practically impossible. The important distinction, though, is how long we stay in a negative emotional state and what we do with the energy that comes from that state. Anger can actually be valuable. It’s much better […]

Paternal Relatives’ Objections to Termination of Dad’s Child Custody Rights Overruled, for now…

Really, really sad fact pattern / story including violence against family members and children considered by the Court of Civil Appeals and discussed here so proceed with caution or avoid if the legal discussion and information isn’t worth reading about some really sad stuff. A maternal grandfather with Sole Physical Custody subject to the visitation […]

The Definition(s) of Child Custody (ˈchī(-ə)ld \ ˈkə-stə-dē) in Alabama…

Committed parents and caring relatives, and even several lawyers and judges, routinely misunderstand and misapply the legal definitions of custody in Alabama. This creates a headache, at best. It can cost families and parties precious time, energy and financial resources more often. And, at worst, it can put children in danger. There are 2 different […]

Common Misconceptions in Child Custody – “Primary” Physical Custody…

A big part of our mission at Foxtrot Family Law is to educate our community about the resources available to committed parents and caring relatives as well as correct common misconceptions about Child Custody and Co-Parenting. Some of our favorite misconceptions are as follows: – co-parents should work out informal agreements re: visitation rather than […]

Be 30x Less Efficient and Win as a Parent?!?!

Yes, that’s right. This short post today provides some perspective and a practical information regarding how to slow down, take as much as 30 times more time to perform even the simplest of parenting tasks and come out ahead in the long run for both you and your child. What I’m talking about is encouraging and challenging your […]

Writing Sample – The “Now or Never” Value of Early Education

In a recent case, I was faced with advocating either for allowing a family to delay a child’s entrance into pre-school by one year or advocating for the immediate enrollment. The question I faced was how important one year of early education really is. Luckily, there was a good deal of scholarship on the topic and […]