What’s your Child Custody Vision…? Your Child Custody Mission…?

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What’s your Child Custody Vision…? Your Child Custody Mission…?

Vision involves logistics, planning and tactics. That’s important, but it’s the easy part. Mission is based on your values. Really understanding your values is hard. Aligning your vision with your mission is hard. It’s worth it to you and your family. ~ The information provided here is general in nature and not to be considered […]

Child Custody Devotional – “Happy” is over…

An article by the founder of https://positivepsychology.com/ caught my eye, “Why You Should Have Never Had Kids (If You Want To Be Happy, That Is)”, and I confess that its half-troll, half-clickbait title got me.  ~ The thrust of the article, written by Seph Fontane Pennock, is that peer-reviewed, academic research supports a conclusion that […]

Beware the Narrative Fallacy in Child Custody and CoParenting

What’s the narrative fallacy? Abhishek Chakraborty, writer of ‘Sunday Wisdom’ on the website, Medium, puts it this way, “Life is full of random facts. You forcibly knit them together to give it meaning.” How does this relate to #ChildCustody and #CoParenting…? ~ ~ If you would like to speak more about how you, as a […]

Child Custody Devotional – Identify and Develop Individual Skills in Co-Parenting…

I am now come forth to give thee skill and understanding. Daniel 9:22 ~ In #ChildCustody and #CoParenting, I think we give short shrift to ‘skill’ as parents. We oversimplify it to ourselves, in our own heads and hearts. More importantly, the Courts oversimplify it. Less importantly, the Other Side oversimplifies it. None of us […]

Setting the Table, in Life, Child Custody and Co-Parenting…

We need to set the table. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but we need to do it. Ever sit down for a nice meal at home, you’re excited, hungry and ready to relax…maybe you’ve finally put the kids down, poured a glass of wine and started up Disney+ ready to veg…only to realize you […]

What are Pediatricians saying about screen time and virtual school…?

Screen time is a big topic in #parenting and #coparenting these days, but it’s also more necessary than ever with virtual school and online projects. What can Pediatricians let us know about minimizing actual health risks of too much screen time…? #asthnopia #202020rule #1210rule #childcustody #familylaw Here’s a link to the article at healthychildren.org: https://www.healthychildren.org/English/tips-tools/ask-the-pediatrician/Pages/avoid-eye-and-back-strain-from-the-computer.aspx

Child Custody Devotional – PERMA-nent Custody?

Happiness isn’t just about feeling better, but that’s part of it. More positive emotions obviously correlate with well-being, but the problem is it’s tough to control our emotions and #CoParenting and #ChildCustody is chaotic enough without judging each feeling or reaction we have to something. ~ That’s where a model like the PERMA model, pioneered […]

Wishful Thinking and Expectations from the Other Side in Child Custody

There’s a lot of wishful thinking in #ChildCustody and #CoParenting. It’s not even fair to the Other Side to expect something from them that they can’t or won’t give. Your peace and effectiveness must come from you…from your side, your squad, your team…because we can tell you who it’s not coming from.

Peace in your Child Custody case doesn’t depend on the Weather…

#parenting tip – an author we enjoy and learn a lot from doesn’t miss a chance to (safely) play outside in the rain with his son. #resilience is a buzzword these days, but it’s worth learning that opportunities for peace, joy and even some silliness don’t depend on the weather.

Child Custody is about Deciding Who You Are…Not What You Do

There’s a big difference between saying “I quit smoking” and “I’m not a smoker.” Especially in DHR cases, you can’t be effective in your Child Custody case by checking boxes. It’s about deciding who you are and the decisions and actions that flow out of that. ~ Are you the kind of person who is […]