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If you’re tired of constant fighting, uncertainty about the future, and the emotional toll that a struggling marriage can have on you, it might be time to consider your options for divorce. It can be difficult to navigate the legal complexities that accompany the divorce process, like asset and property division, spousal support, custody, and more in the midst of coming to terms with this life transition. 

That’s where we come in. At Foxtrot Family Law, our Decatur divorce lawyers know how sensitive matters like these are, so we do what we can to lessen the emotional impact of this process by guiding you through each step of your divorce with care and compassion. Call Foxtrot Family Law to request a consultation and discover your legal options today. 

Decatur Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Isn’t Easy, But We Can Simplify The Journey Ahead

Under no circumstance is divorce ever an easy process to go through. There are many important decisions to be made, and several paths you can take to complete the process. If you and your spouse see eye-to-eye on the terms of your divorce, uncontested divorce is a process that keeps the decision-making power in your hands, rather than in a judge’s. It’s also usually a quicker and more cost-effective process than a contested divorce. 

However, this ideal approach to divorce isn’t possible for every couple. If you and your spouse aren’t on great terms and can’t discuss divorce matters without arguing, you’ll likely need to pursue a contested divorce. With this process, a court will decide on the terms of your divorce, since you and your spouse cannot agree. 

No matter what the circumstances of your relationship are, our Decatur divorce lawyers are prepared to help you divorce peacefully if that’s what you and your spouse desire; however, when it comes to dividing up assets and debts, or creating custody, tension and conflict can easily rise. If that’s the case, or if you’re married to a non-compliant spouse intent on making the process as hard as possible, we are not afraid to aggressively fight for your rights in court. 

Why Work With One Of Our Decatur Divorce Lawyers?

At Foxtrot Family Law, we understand how overwhelming and disheartening it can be for the most important relationship in your life to come to an end. We also understand that divorce is a legal process that needs to be followed meticulously. That’s why our Decatur divorce lawyers are here to provide you with the emotional and legal support that you deserve so you can begin a new chapter of your life. They will help you separate your feelings from the facts of your case so that you can make informed decisions about your future. 

There are several other aspects of divorce that our team can assist you with, including but not limited to the following:

  • Time-Sensitive Paperwork
  • Legal Advice
  • Court Representation
  • Custody/Child Support
  • Spousal Support/Alimony
  • Mediation
  • And more!

How Foxtrot Family Law Can Help

At Foxtrot Family Law, our Decatur divorce lawyers have 35+ years of combined experience guiding clients through the intricacies of divorce. Whether you and your spouse are in agreement on your divorce and associated matters, or you can’t be in the same room without fighting over who gets the house and car, we have experience with all types of Alabama divorce cases, and we’re prepared to help you with yours. 

When it’s time to call it quits, your next call should be Foxtrot Family Law. We can explain your options, protect your rights, and advocate for your interests when it matters most. Call now to request a consultation!

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