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Does it feel like your marriage has come to an end? If so, we’re sorry to hear that. We know how difficult it can be to grapple with such a significant loss—no matter what the reasons for the split are. When there are children involved, we know that matters can become especially difficult. In addition to dividing up your assets and property, you now have to consider sharing time with your children.

It’s expected that this isn’t what you planned for when you said “I do” and started a family, but sometimes it’s a necessary step to ensure a healthier and happier future for everyone involved.

While the divorce process can feel overwhelming and even isolating, know that you’re not alone. In fact, it’s probably just as hard on your kids. That’s why it’s crucial to navigate divorce and custody matters as delicately as possible, which our Madison custody lawyers are prepared to help you do.

Let us explain your options, advise you on the next steps, and answer any questions that might be troubling you. Call Foxtrot Family Law to request a consultation. We are looking forward to helping you reach the best outcome possible for your family.

Madison Custody Lawyers

What’s Involved In Alabama’s Custody Process?

There are two types of custody in Alabama: legal and physical. Legal custody refers to which parent will have the legal right and responsibility to make important decisions about their children’s education, health, and religious upbringing. Physical custody refers to which parent the children will primarily reside with.

Both legal and physical custody are responsibilities that can be shared jointly, or one parent can have sole legal or physical custody.


Mediation is a collaborative process that you and your co-parent can pursue in order to keep the decision-making power regarding your children’s future in your hands. This is a process we highly recommend, as you know your children better than anyone.

Rather than leaving the fate of your family up to a judge who doesn’t understand your kids’ needs, you can work together with your co-parent to create an arrangement in the best interests of your children. This option is not only more cost- and time-efficient, but is better for your children’s well-being, as well as your own.

High-Conflict Custody

We know that we don’t live in a perfect world—if we did, you probably wouldn’t be reading this now—so mediation and working cohesively with your co-parent might not be possible. Though Alabama’s family courts are in favor of joint custody situations, there are circumstances where that isn’t appropriate or possible.

For instance, if your co-parent has a history of domestic violence, substance abuse, or neglect, joint custody wouldn’t be safe or in the best interest of the children. If your co-parent doesn’t have a complicated history but is uncooperative, that’s another reason joint custody might not be feasible.

If any of these circumstances describe your situation, our Madison custody lawyers are familiar with contentious custody cases and can help you reach a result that will keep your family safe.

Why Work With Our Madison Custody Lawyers?

At Foxtrot Family Law, you aren’t just another case file in our desk drawer; we care about your family. We are passionate about helping families take unideal circumstances and turn them into opportunities for growth and healing.

If you know it’s time to say goodbye to your spouse, we want to encourage you to put your children first now, and throughout the entirety of your case. Your children, like you, are experiencing a significant change in their day-to-day lives, their routines, and their emotional well-being. Prioritize doing what’s best for them, and we’ll do everything we can to help you do the same.

Call Foxtrot Family Law now to request a consultation and discover your next steps.

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