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A Child Custody Devotional – Psalm 90:12

So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12

We’ve all heard that “our days are numbered.” Did you know that was from the Bible? Though the phrase has a negative connotation, it’s biblical origins reflect the esteem of this self-evident principle as a singular source of wisdom, knowledge and effectiveness.

Yes, it’s certainly sad to consider. We avoid thinking about death and our own demise. We do so, however, at our peril. We are armed and eminently more dangerous when we spend time and focused energy contemplating the shortness of our lives. Who among us isn’t prone to procrastination? Could all of us not do a better job of prioritizing our time and energy?

Or, perhaps, could we take time to sit quietly, to appreciate each moment as it comes, knowing that we’ve only been afforded so many.


Here’s another quote on point…

“There is one simple thing wrong with you: You think you have plenty of time.” ~ Carlos Castaneda.

The implication, here and again, is that this one realization, which we all understand but seldom internalize, can produce a well-spring of wisdom and motivation.

There are few, if any, problems that can’t be further elucidated by this perspective. Remember, as well, Psalms was written by a king, and a powerful one at that. He knew his days, just like yours, were numbered.

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