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Answers on Avvo – What if DHR/CPS Has a Grudge Against Me in my Child Custody Case? (VIDEO)

Think DHR has a grudge against you? I’ve got good news. Chances are, the answer is no…because DHR doesn’t know you. They’ve got a caseload that would drown most law firms, they’ve got statutory requirements and they’ve got their own internal policies, procedures and administrative regulations they’ve got to follow. Don’t take it personally cause it ain’t personal.

But here’s the deal…legally speaking, you’ve got nothing to prove to DHR. The more this question talks about DHR this and DHR that, the more I think you need to get a lawyer then get with your lawyer and start making a plan to effectively present your case to the real, ultimate decision-maker, and that’s the Judge.

Quit playing DHR’s game on DHR’s turf. Get into big boy court and take your best shot.

The information provided here is general in nature and not to be considered legal advice for your unique situation or circumstance. However, you can visit our online scheduling page at anytime, 24-7, and find a time to come into one of our offices and get the specific, actionable information you need to be effective in your Child Custody case

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