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Are Mothers Really “Favored” in Child Custody Cases?

“There can be no doubt that our Nation has had a long and unfortunate history of sex discrimination. Traditionally, such discrimination was rationalized by an attitude of ‘romantic paternalism’ which, in practical effect, put women, not on a pedestal, but in a cage.” Justice William Brennan

There is certainly a perception that the family courts “favor” mothers in #ChildCustody disputes. For the most part, this issue is brought up by fathers concerned that they won’t get a fair shake. If this perception has any basis in truth, we wonder whether there is a misperception on both sides about the pros and cons of such a pattern, whether the perceived “benefit” to a mother in a #ChildCustody case isn’t coming at a cost in other areas of her life and isn’t a relic of the kind of “paternalism” discussed by Justice Brennan.

Whatever choice an individual makes between parenthood and a career is certainly not a zero-sum game, but there are practical realities to consider and anyone involved in a case like this needs to have a clear understanding of his or her priorities in all parts of their lives and how a Custody, Visitation and Child Support schedule is going to affect them. What do you guys think? #familylaw #parenting #coparenting


This article contains general information and should not be construed as legal advice for you and or your unique situation. If you would like to speak more about how you, as a Committed Parent or Caring Relative, can be more effective in your Child Custody case, please visit to schedule your initial consultation at one of our offices. ~SW, Foxtrot

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