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Be Effective…and then be a Parent.

Last time we wrote we talked about how to “show love” in Child Custody cases. We did that because it’s easier to show a judge what you’re doing for your child than it is to show how feel about your child.

In this short post, we write about what’s next, and honestly, that’s completely up to you because we don’t have a lot of specific advice about it. What’s next is being a parent, not just being effective. And we don’t pretend to be psychologists giving parenting advice, we’re a law firm that can help them be effective in child custody litigation.

This is an important distinction because one will help you in your case (and your child, of course) but one is where “the heart” is, so to speak. Before anything else, “show love” and take care of business for your child. Then, and as a result of that work, you will create the opportunity for you to truly connect with your child.

We help you prove that you can make sure your child eats dinner, but it’s up to you to sit at the table and ask them about their day. We can show the Court you got your kids to the ballgame on time, but we can’t show the Court how loud you cheer them on!

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