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Child Custody Devotional – All Things for the Good

…in all things God works for the good… Romans 8:28

If you have ever dealt with #childcustody or #coparenting issues, then something has not turned out the way you planned. It is self-evident that, if possible and with all things being equal, it is more efficient and effective to raise a child as a nuclear family. We know and you know, though, that it’s not always possible and all things are never equal even in the best of circumstances.

Here’s a primary distinction I want to make though. I don’t think God or the Universe or the Force or whatever you want to call it CAUSES all things. God didn’t cause you to split with the Other Side or, if you’re a grandparent, God didn’t put your child in a scary situation where you have to step in and raise your grandchild. My point, and I think the Apostle Paul’s in writing the verse, is not that God initiates “all things” in life, that would subvert our free will, but the Universe can USE “all things” as, in tech parlance, a PLATFORM to do something amazing, to create an opportunity in the midst of crisis or setback.

How many addicts aren’t able to get sober before spending time in jail without the same access to their vice they had on the outside? How many individuals find a fulfilling new career after being laid off? How many parents are blessed with a child after a lapse in judgment or discretion?

What is each setback in #childcustody and #coparenting giving you the opportunity and motivation to do? Maybe getting sued for #childsupport is your opportunity to file a counterclaim for visitation or custody and finally get the time together that you and the child deserve. Maybe being investigated by DHR or CPS is an opportunity to appreciate on a deep, personal level the freedoms and protections afforded by our Constitution. Maybe a fall is a chance to prove to yourself that you have the strength to rise.


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This article contains general information and should not be construed as legal advice for you and or your unique situation. ~SW, Foxtrot

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