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Child Custody Devotional – PERMA-nent Custody

Happiness isn’t just about feeling better, but that’s part of it. More positive emotions obviously correlate with well-being, but the problem is it’s tough to control our emotions and #CoParenting and #ChildCustody is chaotic enough without judging each feeling or reaction we have to something.

~ That’s where a model like the PERMA model, pioneered by Martin Seligman, may provide some context and more effective framework for CoParents and Caregivers.

~ Although you may not be in complete control of your emotions, you are, for the most part in charge of what engages your time and energy, who you choose to spend time around, what means something to you (and more importantly what doesn’t), and what goals you set for yourself and achieve.


Don’t look at the PERMA model like an endgame; look at it like a cycle. With our clients, we like to start with what means something to them then set realistic, achievable goals based on the present circumstances. That doesn’t mean we back off what we want in the end; it’s more like setting intermediate goals with that moonshot always providing us with broader direction and perspective.


Winning breeds those positive emotions which provide us the encouragement we need to set a new goal and go win some more.

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