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Focus on the Facts in Your Child Custody Case (VIDEO)

Where are you spending your energy during your child custody case? This video contains some quick directions on where to focus your day-to-day energy and attention during a child custody proceeding. Hope it helps.

Watch on Youtube: Focus on the Facts in Your Child Custody Case

Do not concern yourself with someone “feels” about a situation. You can’t control how someone feels; you can only control what you do. It is “what you do” that produces facts. Facts are what makes a difference in a child’s life. Facts are what means something to a Judge.

There may be no more emotionally charged environment than a contested child custody proceeding. Focusing on the facts will help your case from both a practical perspective and an emotional perspective, reminding you of the difference of what you can and can’t control.

Opposing parties in a child custody case get very good at manipulating the energy in a case towards their strengths. Make sure your strength is grounded in day-to-day actions geared towards actual contributions to your child’s life, in a word…the facts.

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