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Foxtrot FAQ: Do you bill by the hour or charge a flat fee?

Updated: Aug 3

We’re glad you asked!

We touch on our Flat Fee Representation in our post about your Initial Consultation at Foxtrot.

Foxtrot charges a Flat Fee, also known as a Fixed Fee or Fixed Rate, on the vast majority of our cases. We say 90% but it’s probably higher than that. First things first, Flat Fees are authorized by rules and laws governing the practice of law in Alabama and, to the best of our knowledge, in most other states.

Second, and most importantly, Flat Fee Representation, (“FFR”), offers tangible and game-changing benefits to our clients:

1. You know the potential cost of representation from the beginning. We don’t hide the ball from our prospective clients. “How much is this going to cost in the long run?” is a question we get A LOT at our consultations. We say “potential” cost here because we base our Flat Fees on “Stages” of your case as opposed to the entire case itself. For example, if your case settles soon after filing then your case will go through fewer Stages of litigation and will obviously result in our clients incurring less fees.

2. You aren’t billed extra for communication with our office. PLEASE, keep our office posted with updates, issues and questions about your case. We specialize in Child Custody so we understand how important effective communication is to your case and your family. Foxtrot has already accounted for the time, energy and resources we gladly invest in effective communication and has built them into the Flat Fees we quote to our clients.

3. Knowing the total costs, we can structure your payments effectively and fairly. Rather than having your legal bills fluctuate based on the particular work on your case during any particular month, our FFR can be spread out with a down payment and subsequent scheduled payments of a consistent amount.

In all but the most complex of legal circumstances, we take time at your Initial Consultation to work through your situation and your goals to develop Flat Fee Representation and make sure your investment and work with Foxtrot is an effective investment in your Family’s future. ~SW, Foxtrot

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