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In Child Custody and Co-Parenting, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

In Child Custody and Co-Parenting, get comfortable being uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, if we or any other child custody lawyer could waive our Harry Potter magic wand and make everything easy we would certainly do it, but it just doesn’t work that way. Think calm in the storm, not endless, care-free days of sunny beaches. The key change is YOU.

Here’s a quick way to reframe things, don’t do something “out of character.” Think of yourself as “the kind of person who…” does X, Y or Z. It’s 2020, you’ve got permission to be the kind of person who turns the other cheek when the Other Side says or does something hurtful. Be the kind of person who sticks to the terms of the Child Custody and Visitation schedule rather than litigating the schedule back and forth each week and weekend for the rest of your child’s adolescence.

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What will happen, you will realize, is that things won’t magically be perfect. The kids still won’t eat their vegetables. They still might be getting the extra help they need in Algebra. Your boss is still a jerk. You name it. But you’re the kind of person that can handle it. You’re the kind of person that focuses on what you can control…and now you’ve got the energy and emotional bandwidth to deal with whatever curveballs and chaos life will still throw your way…It won’t get easier, you’ll just get stronger.


This article contains general information and should not be construed as legal advice for you and or your unique situation. If you would like to speak more about how you, as a Committed Parent or Caring Relative, can be more effective in your Child Custody case, please visit to schedule your initial consultation at one of our offices. ~SW, Foxtrot

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