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In Child Custody, Answers are Easy – Solutions are Hard

Answered a question on Avvo (pretty much Facebook for lawyers) that reflects an issue that I see often in Child Custody. People look for “answers” like they think this is a math test they take on a Thursday morning in grade school.

Answers make us feel warm and fuzzy. We feel like we’ve accomplished something when we’ve “found an answer.” They make us comfortable…almost too comfortable.

Problem is, 9 times out of 10, knowing the answer in Child Custody is about as effective as just knowing that a good bench press routine will help build up your pecs. Knowing doesn’t do any good unless you hit the gym. Knowing is the easy part.

Derek Sivers says “if information was the answer, we’d all be billionaires with six-pack abs.”

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What’s more important to us at Foxtrot? Your answers to questions like these: What do you love about your son? What’s your favorite thing to do with your granddaughter? How long have you been tolerating anything less than the best for your children? When will you stop?

What kind of parent do you want to be?

When you connect with that, that’s when something will get done.

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This article contains general information and should not be construed as legal advice for you or your unique situation. If you would like to speak more about how you, as a committed parent or caring relative, can be more effective in your Child Custody case, please visit to schedule your initial consultation at one of our offices. ~SW, Foxtrot

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