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  • Stephen Williams

Know this Term when Dealing with DHR or CPS in Child Custody (VIDEO)

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

We lawyers are bad on terminology, but DHR may be even worse. You hear terms like Safety Plan and ISP and we’re gonna go over those if we haven’t already. But today, let’s look at “protective capacity” and what that means in the context of dealing with DHR or in any #ChildCustody case. ~ Whether it’s typical, day to day parenting, or maybe some responsible or irresponsible marijuana use, or, in more dire circumstances, whether someone is the victim of domestic violence or other abuse. That can reflect on your “protective capacity” from the Court’s, and especially DHR’s, perspective.


The information provided here is general in nature and not to be considered legal advice for your unique situation or circumstance. However, you can visit our online scheduling page at anytime, 24-7, and find a time to come into one of our offices and get the specific, actionable information you need to be effective in your Child Custody case.

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