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Learn the Pitfalls of the Flat Fee, “Uncontested” Divorce - Talkin' Laws and Drinkin' Claws (VIDEO)

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

What can go wrong with a flat fee, “uncontested” divorce? A lot more than you might think. As Josh Holcomb in our Guntersville office puts it, you don’t want to buy a couch that no one will sit on.


This #FoxtrotFriday starts #MemorialDay2022 weekend, and it feels like #seltzerseason has truly arrived. Join Sree Ravi as he lets us know the pitfalls of the “flat fee” and what you don’t know about “uncontested” divorces.


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The information provided here is general in nature and not to be considered legal advice for your family’s unique situation or circumstances. However, you can visit our online scheduling page at anytime, 24-7, and find a time to come into one of our offices and get the specific, actionable information you need to be effective in your Child Custody, Divorce or Family Law case.

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