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Simple Breathing and Gratitude Practice for Child Custody

Are you thankful for the air that you breathe? Probably. Do you ever take the time to be grateful just for the air, for your miraculous body that can process air into life-giving oxygen your body needs? Less likely.

We wouldn’t be so bold as to recommend starting a meditation habit, although it certainly would be helpful for anyone dealing with stress in #ChildCustody and #CoParenting. But how about this, just take 3-5 deep breaths, and say to yourself silently in your head, “Thaaaannnk” as you breathe in and “Yoooouuuu” as you breathe out.

Not only will this help with stress in the moment, but you’ll gain perspective about the challenges in your life because you’ll be starting from a place of gratitude and everything in your life will feel like a bonus after the base level of just being grateful for the air all around us all day everyday.

We’re about more than legal processes and procedures at Foxtrot Family Law, and we’re always looking for ways to help the committed parents and caring relatives we represent be more effective in their Child Custody cases but also in their day to day lives. You can book your consultation with Foxtrot right from our Facebook page or by visiting or, if you’re not ready for that step, simply like or follow our pages on your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Linkedin.

For what you’re doing for your family, for who you are, and for allowing us to share with you…Thank you.

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