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Some Advice from Your Child Custody Caddie at St. Andrews

Here’s a lighthearted anecdote for a #FoxtrotFriday. We’re not here to judge and we don’t judge. When you meet and work with us you are in the “no judgment zone” or the “trust tree” or whatever you might want to call it. To drive our point home, we often tell this story about a local caddie at the home of golf and oldest course in the world, St. Andrews, in Scotland.

So a gentleman had made his pilgrimage to St. Andrews to check one more item off his bucket list. At St. Andrews, there are no golf carts and everyone gets a caddie. This gentleman happened to be a “high-handicapper,” i.e., not very skilled at the game, and was noticeably embarrassed to be dragging a complete stranger along with him on his wayward round.

“Relax,” said the Caddie, “this is St. Andrews…”

“…I wouldn’t be any less encumbered or any more impressed if you were a touring professional. No matter what bag I carry on any given day, I can safely say that I’ve always seen better and I’ve always seen worse. This is St. Andrews, sir. Enjoy your round.”

Don’t be embarrassed about your situation (and don’t be too impressed with it, either). You’re not Parent of the Year and you’re not the Worst Parent Ever. And that’s okay. We’re only here to help and we’re sure as hell not here to judge. Sometimes meeting with a #ChildCustody lawyer is the only chance our clients have to be completely honest with someone and maybe even to be honest with themselves. And they get to do so with objective professionals that have always seen better and always seen worse.

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