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Has a DHR social worker contacted you regarding a report of child abuse or neglect? Has DHR asked you to take a drug test or for permission to perform a home inspection? You have the right to the advice and advocacy of an experienced DHR defense attorney who can provide advice and help you make educated decisions about what to do next when dealing with DHR.

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DHR Lawyers

If you are dealing with DHR regarding your children and you don’t want to have to stand up to DHR by yourself, contact us today to book an initial consultation.

Can DHR drug test me? Can DHR search my house?

You don’t have to take a drug test for DHR, speak to DHR, or allow DHR into your home without a court order, but you need to understand the possible outcomes of standing up to DHR and know that you have the advice and advocacy of an experienced DHR Defense attorney if legal action needs to be taken or defended.

Can I take DHR to Court?

You have a Constitutional right to raise your own children unless they are in danger. That means the Court system requires due process before taking your children, or immediately after taking your children if DHR alleges an emergency situation.

The Court process in DHR child custody lawsuits is even more complex than routine child custody cases involving parents. When the government is trying to take your child away, DHR must meet a very high burden of proof. When privately retained DHR lawyers are involved, they can fiercely challenge the allegations and any evidence offered by DHR.

Furthermore, the challenge of going up against privately retained DHR attorneys can provide an incentive to reach an agreement for children to be returned home to their parents.

Can a family member or friend take my kids rather than foster care?

Under certain circumstances, a family member or friend may intervene in a DHR custody case and seek custody of the child while you participate in services DHR may be required to offer you or just while you adjust some things in your life or situation to address DHR’s or the Court’s concerns.

The DHR lawyers at Foxtrot routinely represent grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends in an effort to make sure children are with family rather than in the foster care system.

Can I sue DHR?

Not typically. There may be very limited circumstances in which DHR has infringed on your civil rights, but most of the time, DHR is protected through immunity available to government actors. Either way, the DHR lawyers at Foxtrot Family Law do not pursue cases for monetary damages against DHR.

Rather, our knowledgeable and experienced DHR attorneys help committed parents and caring relatives stand up for themselves and their children and focus our services on the DHR child custody litigation regarding the rights of parents or relatives involved. We regularly represent clients in Guntersville, Huntsville, Arab, Scottsboro, Decatur, Athens, and Cullman.

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