Standard Visitation & Child Custody Schedules

We’ve all heard of “every other weekend” visitation, but the nuances of holidays, birthdays and any other logistical consideration in an effective Child Custody, Visitation and Co-Parenting schedule can raise complications that need to be addressed. A county’s “Standard Visitation” order is a great place to start when reviewing what issues a particular Family Court or judicial circuit have addressed in a “standard” fashion.

There’s value in consistency, but it is unlikely that any standard order or schedule will adequately and appropriately address the unique needs of your family and children. It may be that a 50/50 Joint Physical Custody schedule is in the best interests of your children.

Please remember that these schedules and order don’t mean anything to your family until a Court officially “adopts” it for your family. If you would like to establish a Child Custody order, Child Custody schedule or Visitation schedule, you can book your consultation with Foxtrot Family Law by visiting In the meantime, you can review the various Standard Visitation Schedules at the links below:

Jackson County Standard Visitation (Graham)

Madison County Standard Visitation

Marshall County Standard Visitation

Marshall County Standard Visitation – Joint Physical Custody