6 Qualities To Look For In A Family Law Attorney

When it comes to your family, who you choose to trust, represent, and guide you through personal legal matters is extremely important. Finding someone who possesses the characteristics and qualities needed to help you and your loved one(s) reach a favorable solution – whether that be during divorce, custody, or another family law-related affair – can make the difference between a smooth transition and unnecessary complications.

In this blog, we’ll discuss 6 qualities you should look for in a family law attorney before hiring one. Let’s dive in!


The number one quality you’ll want and need your family law attorney to possess is experience. Working with someone who has considerable knowledge of family law, and actual logged hours, cases worked, and success is crucial.

Think of it this way – if you were about to board a flight, and you were given the option to choose between pilots, would you choose a pilot who had 10+ years of flying experience, or a pilot whose first day flying was that same day? You’re probably going to go with pilot number one, right? The same would go for a medical doctor, therapist, or even educator. Why should your legal counsel be any different?

While everyone has to start somewhere in their profession, choosing a family law attorney who has a few years under their belt is likely going to help you reach a better outcome.


Similar to experience, reputation will be a key characteristic to evaluate when hiring your family law attorney. You don’t want someone who’s simply done the work; you want someone who has a reputation for doing the work well. Asking someone that you trust (like friends or family members) for referrals is a great place to start. If that doesn’t provide you with the results you need, check Yelp, Google Reviews, or even specific attorney’s websites to see if there are client testimonials that might vouch for the attorney’s reputation. Whether you’re considering a personal or online review, either can offer you valuable insights into what kind of attorney you’d be working with. This can help you have a thorough understanding of what to expect legally and possibly even financially.

Communication Skills

If you’ve ever heard the saying “communication is key,” know that this rings true with legal representation as well. There is a lot you probably don’t understand about your family law matters. Having an attorney who can simplify complicated legal jargon, break down your options, rights, and responsibilities, as well as shed light on the intricacies of your case is imperative. If you choose a lawyer who is lacking communication skills, none of these things will be possible.

No matter who you trust to represent you or your family, you should be able to have an open dialogue with them so that you can have confidence throughout your case, and assurance that you’re remaining legally compliant and making informed decisions about what’s to come.

A great lawyer will also have good communication skills so that they can effectively communicate with a judge, jury, or other legal personnel that is involved in the process outside of yourself.


Family law matters, whether they pertain to divorce, custody, or another family law related issue, can be deeply complex. Working with a family law attorney who is compassionate and empathetic can take some of the stress and worry off of your shoulders, versus working with an attorney who might come across as cold or closed off, making an already difficult situation much more challenging. Don’t be afraid to ask a family law attorney to explain how they approach cases like yours during initial consultations to determine if they might be the right fit for you. Opting for an attorney who takes your feelings into consideration isn’t a bad thing, especially when navigating issues relating to your spouse, children, and immediate family.


Availability is another important quality to seek out in your family law attorney. You won’t wrap up your case in one day, no matter how amicable or straightforward. It’s a process that takes time, and during that time you’ll likely encounter legal difficulties and crossroads in which you’ll need timely guidance. Working with an attorney who is available to address your questions and concerns will give you the greatest advantage at reaching a favorable outcome.


The last quality to look for in a family law attorney that we will be discussing is transparency. You should be able to trust the person who is working on your family law case, and that begins by choosing someone who is transparent and honest about what to expect in your case, what your options and responsibilities are, and when/if there are curveballs that might require a change of plan.

Questions To Consider Asking Your Family Law Attorney Candidates 

As you narrow down your search for representation, consider the following questions to pose to prospective attorneys you are thinking about hiring:

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Do you have any testimonials on file I can review?
  • What kind of approach do you typically take to issues like mine?
  • What means of communication do you plan to use with me, and how often will you be available?
  • What kind of legal fees can I expect to pay?
  • Are there any additional costs that may come up?

How Foxtrot Family Law Can Help You

If you’re considering your options for divorce, custody, adoption, DHR issues, or other family law-related matters, the family law attorneys at Foxtrot Family Law are here to help you. We understand the pertinent issues pertaining to your family, and are familiar with the tactics needed to help you reach your ideal outcome. Our team is experienced as well as empathetic, and you don’t have to take our word for it; you can read reviews from other clients we’ve helped! We will evaluate your situation, listen to your goals and concerns, and create a legal strategy tailored to your unique needs. Call Foxtrot Family Law today to request a consultation and discover your legal options and next steps.

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