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Protecting your children’s right to a healthy

Our child custody lawyers have significant experience in all aspects of child custody law. 

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Who We Are

Who We Are

Child Custody Lawyers

We are on a mission to help mothers, fathers, grandparents, and caring relatives stand up for themselves in child custody and child support cases.

Not many lawyers like to represent clients in child custody cases because they are often emotional, complicated, and time-consuming. The child custody lawyers at Foxtrot Family Law focus primarily on child custody and child support cases.

We have offices in Guntersville and Huntsville, Alabama, and we have extensive experience with family courts throughout North Alabama. Our attorneys and staff have the necessary skills and resources to help you protect the best interests of the children you love.

Why Choose Foxtrot?

What We Do

What Clients Say

“The folks at Foxtrot Law were extremely helpful in winning my case. As a male parent I didn't think it was possible to attain sole physical custody based on society's norms. Stephen and Sree helped me out every step of the way from start to finish and at mediation. They truly will take care of your case too.”

Brian MacFarlane, Former Client


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