Leaving it all on the field in your Child Custody appeal…


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Leaving it all on the field in your Child Custody appeal…

Foxtrot lost a Child Custody appeal today. We don’t want to paint some rosy picture of appellate practice so we think it’s important to say this much. Our team of Child Custody lawyers has won its fair share of appeals but they are hard, expensive and, for the most part, a long shot on even […]

Wishful Thinking and Expectations from the Other Side in Child Custody

There’s a lot of wishful thinking in #ChildCustody and #CoParenting. It’s not even fair to the Other Side to expect something from them that they can’t or won’t give. Your peace and effectiveness must come from you…from your side, your squad, your team…because we can tell you who it’s not coming from.

Two New Child Custody Lawyers join the Fight with Foxtrot!

We’re so glad to have two new #childcustody lawyers join our team at Foxtrot! Welcome, ELIZABETH GONCE and KYLE CLARK! ~ ELIZABETH is a Ga. Tech trained engineer. (We love nerds!) KYLE is an Armed Forces veteran. (We love badasses!) But they’ve both “gotten the call” to help parents and relatives Stand Up for themselves […]

Our Mute Button Skills during your Child Custody Video Consultation…

Peace in your Child Custody case doesn’t depend on the Weather…

#parenting tip – an author we enjoy and learn a lot from doesn’t miss a chance to (safely) play outside in the rain with his son. #resilience is a buzzword these days, but it’s worth learning that opportunities for peace, joy and even some silliness don’t depend on the weather.

(video) Random Rules – the “Best Evidence” Rule and Police Reports in Child Custody cases

In Child Custody…Look Up, not Around…

In the long run, we don’t have to prove anything to anyone. We are all miracles as people and parents, but we forget that when we look too often in the wrong direction. ~ We are running our own race. If we make decisions and take action in line with what we believe in, the […]

(video) Priorities in your Child Custody case…

Random Rules! — Authentication of Documents (School Records, Drug Tests) in your Child Custody Case

You can’t just want into Court with a stack of documents and expect the Court to believe that they are what we say they are. If you didn’t produce a document or receive it in a certain way, you can’t “authenticate” it. And your Child Custody lawyer should be able to help properly obtain and […]

Child Custody is about Deciding Who You Are…Not What You Do

There’s a big difference between saying “I quit smoking” and “I’m not a smoker.” Especially in DHR cases, you can’t be effective in your Child Custody case by checking boxes. It’s about deciding who you are and the decisions and actions that flow out of that. ~ Are you the kind of person who is […]